Meet the Lab

Graduate Students

Taylor Frisch is a Masters student in Biology Chemistry mentored by both Dr. Haiping Cheng and Dr. Yuemei Ye at Lehman College. He completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Oregon in Chemistry and Mathematics, where he developed an interest in various types of chemistry and biochemistry. His research will focus on combining antibacterial and short-chain PFAS purification technologies for drinking water treatment. Outside of academia, Taylor enjoys reading, trivia, traveling with friends, bartending, and horseback riding. He is also passionate about promoting a safe and open space for LGBTQ+ people in STEM.

Undergraduate Students

Ashley Vargas is a third-year undergraduate student at Lehman College. She became interested in chemical research after completing an accelerated chemistry course in the summer of 2023. She joined the YeEnvLab in October 2023 and learning and working on studying self-bio-fouling cost-effective adsorbents to remove short-chain PFAS in drinking water. Ashley is a first-generation college student and a veteran who is sponsored by the funding of the Veterans Affairs Work Study program to conduct her research in YeEnvLab. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, playing video games, and working on her writing.

Dewan Akter is a senior student at Lehman College pursuing a BS in Chemistry. She developed her interest in the field in high school, particularly through an environmental chemistry class. She joined YeEnvLab in October 2023 with funding support from the CIE-Climate Resilience grant. Dewan will learn and work on the project of modified activated carbon (GAC) for enhanced short-chain PFAS removal from drinking water. Beyond her scientific endeavors, Dewan enjoys cooking, reading, and painting. Additionally, she volunteers at animal sanctuaries, demonstrating a holistic approach to personal and community engagement.

Kyana Donovan is an undergraduate student enrolled at Lehman College, she is studying for her Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry with a specialized focus on Biochemistry. Kyana joined YeEnvLab in the spring semester of 2024, assisting in developing highly efficient and cost-effective adsorbents tailored for removing short-chain PFAS from drinking water. Outside her studies, Kyana loves music and plays instruments like the violin, cello, saxophone, and piano. She also enjoys traveling, learning languages, writing, and art.

International Visiting Students

Saki Morimoto (Toyohashi University), undergraduate student